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  • Self-fulfillment
  • Basic
  • Physiological need
  • morality, creativity, spontaneity, acceptance, experience purpose, meaning and innerpotential

  • confidence, achievement, respect, the need to be a unique individual

  • friendship, family, intimacy

  • health, job, property, family and social stability

  • breathing, food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep

More often than not, we confuse a job for career. While a job serves as means to secure paycheck, we try to focus on career as it broadly helps in human’s thriving. We are dedicated to the second important need in Maslow’s prism; namely “Career”

A happy employee leads to a happy customer. We help firms creating a harmonious office, and broaden their perspective by recognizing the humans behind screens. We coach their employees how to do their work effectively, and find their calling within their careers

We do..

You may have chosen your employees based on their IQ “30%”, but how about their EQ “70%”?
> Remember that the most rewarding investment are in humans; parents heavily invest in their children, so are wise firms who invest in their employees, to maintain their loyalty. Over the past 5 years we have partnered with several employers in many firms, and helped them develop the EQ skills of 500+ employees, through:

  • HR Consulting Services
  • Recruitment & Training Services
  • Egyptian Labour Law Compliance Assistance

and still doing..

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